Frederic BOREY


‘’...An intense source of pleasure, displaying elegance and finesse, Frederic

Borey is a name to be reckoned with. This saxophonist brings a new

sparkle every time he plays, with a bitter-sweet quality to his

long-seasoned tone and phrasing. ‘’ (Sophie Chambon) CITIZEN JAZZ

‘’ Detached from the current uniformity, detached from performances, Borey is talented.

Listening to him play his compositions is crystal-clear to the ears...Nice job Mister Borey,

your music is real and genuine. ‘’ (Jérôme Gransac) DNJ

‘’ To many people, Borey was the festival’s sensation, with a rendition of ‘Impressions’ from the Joe Henderson lineage.’’ (Franck Bergerot) JAZZMAG Blog - Calvi 2011

‘’ Here is a band that works perfectly. Ben Naceur still bears in mind that the piano is a percussive

instrument, she knows when to go for dramatic accelerations and necessary stops, Leizour is cunning and smiling, perfectly set between piano and drums, and Lucchini reminds me of the Ari Hoenig type of playing, with brief super inventive solos and a ridiculous sense of superimposing rhythms. And last but not least, there is Frederic and his saxophones, his compositions and arrangements. His music is cleverly built upon very simple modal heads, sometimes borrowed from Kodaly or Janaceck, it leaves room from every players and through its quality, ends up getting an enthusiastic response from the audience. ‘’

(Philippe Meziat) JAZZMAG Blog - Capbreton 2011

‘’ Frédéric Borey has a remarkable intonation...he loves accuracy, nuances and true beautiful phrases. ’’ (Eric Quenot) JAZZMAG

‘’ Nothing seems to unsettle the leader’s gorgeous tenor sound...That consistency and artful writing are appealing. ’’ (Arnaud Robert) SO JAZZ

‘’ Frederic Borey’s tone delivers just the right phrases with precision, which never fails to appeal.’’ (Yves Dorizon) CULTURE JAZZ

‘’ ...Plays with a lot of serenity, opening the widest spaces and seemingly trying to hold back the time...One needs to linger on Frederic Borey’s special tone : it is straight but full, even fleshly, powerful without ever showing it. ‘’ (Yves Champigny) SUD OUEST